Meet The Team

Staff Team

The staff are responsible for the day to day teaching and activities at the playgroup

           Cheryl Collings (Supervisor)
           NVQ level 4 Children’s Care Learning & Development
           Joined September 2013

             Jane James (Assistant)
             N.N.E.B (NVQ level 3 Equivalent)
             Joined January 2009

             Kate Starling (Assistant)
             BTEC Caring Services (Nursery Nursing)
             Joined December 2011

              Danielle Thurston (Assistant)
              CACHE Level 3 Children & Young Peoples Workforce
              Joined March 2015
               Ashleigh Owen (Assistant)
               BTEC Level 3 Children & Young Peoples Workforce
               Joined April 2015
               Louise Laurence (Relief Assistant)

               Level 2 Children and Young Peoples Workforce
               Joined March 2016

               Casey Scraff (Playgroup Apprentice)

               Working towards Level 3 Children and Young Peoples Workforce

               Joined January 2017


Committee Members

The committee are elected each July at the playgroup's Annual General Meeting and 

serve for 1 year.  The committee is responsible for the running of the business side of theplaygroup.​


​​Chloe Bennett                             Yasmin Caswell                    Paddy Bennett
(Chairperson)                                 (Secretary)                           (Treasurer)
Joined November 2010                   Joined July 2017                   Joined November 2010


Nicola Brown​                              Yasmin Caswell                  Cathryn Elliott

Joined July 2017                          Joined July 2017                   Joined July 2017

Awaiting Photo                            Awaiting Photo                      Awaiting Photo

Nikky Lewis                                     Sarah Lynes                    Leigh Platten
Joined July 2016                               Joined July 2014               Joined July 2016                                                    

Katherine Robinson                      Hannah Voegeli

Joined July 2013                             Joined September 2016



The current committee has 2 vacancies

We also have three sub committees.

​Building Sub Committee (Looks after our building and grounds)

Members - Cheryl, Paddy & Sarah

Fund Raising Sub Committee (Comes up with fund raising ideas)

Members - Cathryn, Cheryl, Katherine, Paddy, Sarah & Yasmin

Staffing Sub Committee (Looks after our staffing needs)

Members - Cheryl, Leigh & Paddy

Registered Charity (1037582)
(c) 2012-2017 Roughton Under 5's Playgroup